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Pastor’s Corner

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– The Daughter caught in Adultery-

In the movie Mel Gibson’s the Passion of the Christ,

the scene of the Woman caught in adultery is presented in stunning visual fashion.

The woman, Mary Magdalene, is seized and literally dragged to the square and tossed in the midst of the angry self-righteous crowd. She is terrified and ashamed. In her mind, in only a few moments she is going to die a horrible and humiliating death. Though surrounded by people who circle her like a flock of vultures, her attention is drawn to the one man who stoops to the ground and writes upon it with His finger. No ordinary finger, but this same finger which carved the Ten Commandments onto stone tablets, one of those$”thou shall not commit adultery.” Perhaps Jesus is writing those same commandments and the names of the religious leaders present beside each they may have violated, deserving their own ston-ing as well. Eventually, they will all leave the woman one by one, beginning with the elders: having been made perfectly aware that where that woman is, they all should be themselves, along with all of us, waiting to incur a similar fate. And then Jesus bends to the ground again, this time to extend His hand to the woman and lift her up not simply from the ground but from the misery and shame of her sin. The movement here is significant. It is a movement of the power of Christ’s Cross. Prior to His crucifixion Jesus announced to the people that when He is lifted up, He will draw all people to Himself. And those hands that are nailed to the Cross remain open. Let He who is without sin cast the first stone. Jesus has no sin. And what of the Blessed Virgin Mary? She too was without sin? Was she present that day when Jesus extended that hand to Mary Magdalene and helped her up from the depths of her sin? When Mary Magdalene took her place beside Mary at the Cross, did she do so reluctantly? Would she not first look at Mary and once again feel that sting of remorse? “In part, your Son hangs upon this Cross because of my sins.” As a Mother, and not just any Mother but the Mother of God…Mary’s maternal instinct and preference would not be to hold a stone to cast at sinners like Mary Magdalene, but rather to hold in her arms…as once she held her Son, and draw Him often to the comfort and safety of her bosom. And presently not being able to do so, would she not instead draw Mary Magdalene to herself…embrace her with a similar tenderness and comfort she once had for the Christ child?

This is the nature of Motherhood…not to inflict violence but to safeguard one’s child from violence, as the violence of abortion must be eradicated from the earth since it literally tears at the fabric of Motherhood that is the firmest foundation of heavenly peace in this world. And as she could not shelter her Son from the violence of sin, she would instead shelter the sinner whose sin is the cause of the violence that has Christ nailed to the Cross. As incredible as the mercy of Christ is$at this mo-ment are we not given a glimpse of the extraordinary Mercy of the Blessed Virgin Mary who we pray to in the Hail Holy Queen…” Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us; and, after this, our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus.” And she shows unto Mary Magdalene the blessed fruit of her womb…Jesus…especially at this moment at Calvary. Perhaps saying to her, “though my Son cannot at this moment extend His arms to embrace you, it is from this Body He took His arms, His whole body in fact so as to be able to extend those arms to lift you up and away from those who sought to stone you. And how can I do any less, and so I once again extend these arms to embrace your body Mary Magdalene, and draw your broken heart into the refuge of my Immaculate Heart where you will discover the intensity of a Mother’s tender loving care unlike any Mother who has ever loved a child before. There you will discover a rebirth…a coming alive again, emerging not from a tomb of darkness but a womb of great light, great peace. As My Son promises, “Behold I make all things new.” And as a child newly born begins what promises to be a new life filled with great promise…you begin a new life based on my promise of mercy and life and love everlasting.” When Jesus spoke to Saint John from the Cross and said “Son behold your Mother” and “Mother behold you Son”…Mary had already embraced Mary Magdalene as her daughter. Contrary to what our Abortion Mad Culture would have one believe, this is the very nature of Motherhood…there is nothing comparable to this protecting, nurturing, forgiving and tender love except the love of God…a Divine Love that finds its greatest expression in the very fabric of a Mother’s self-sacrificing being.

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