SeptemberFest 2023 Shopping List

Please help to support our 29th annual SeptemberFest Carnival by donating items on the shopping list. This will help to keep costs down and it is a way that everyone can participate in the success of this weekend. Monetary donations can be made payable to Assumption Church and placed in the offertory basket marked on the envelope accordingly. Donations of purchased items can be placed in the marked bins located in the Church vestibule. Thank you!

Please donate only store packaged items only.

Aluminum Steam trays (full & half size)
Oreo Cookies (single stuffed, no mini’s)
Pancake batter (Pearl Milling Co. ONLY)
Boxed ziti or penne
Parmesan Cheese
Heavy duty aluminum foil
9 oz. Chinet clear plastic cups
16 oz. Solo beer cups
9”/10”/10-3/8” paper plates
6”/8” paper plates
12 oz. paper bowls
Roll paper towels
Sugar (granulated or powdered)
Plastic Heavy Duty Cutlery (F/S/K)
Pickles (dill chips only)
Bottled water (case of 12 or 24 pack)
Salt & pepper