Altar Server Invite!

Altar Server Invite!

Jesus says: I have come not to be served but TO SERVE!

Other Reasons for becoming an Altar Server.

You learn why we do everything in the Mass: Sure, swinging the censer (the smelly incense thing) is kind of fun but why is it that we do it? By becoming an altar server you begin to learn these things and it makes all the symbols of the Mass so much more understandable and interesting.

You get fully involved in the Mass and get more out of it: When you start to understand why we do something you get so much more from it. By focusing and understanding what’s going on, the Mass can then lead you into a much deeper relationship with God and you feel the impact of Mass far greater!

You learn some fantastic life skills: Communication, teamwork, perceiving what needs to be done and doing it, punctuality, self-confidence, and the list goes on. Serving on the altar is a great place to start building these skills.

You become more involved in the community: By taking up a responsibility at Mass you start to recognize more and more people in the church in general. This slowly changes your experience of the church community, from a group of random people you stand next to at Mass, to a large and diverse family who you care for more deeply and will increase your love and concern for the global Church family as well.

It helps you discern your vocation (purpose in life) better: Every vocation (whether marriage, consecrated single-hood, religious life or priesthood) is awesome and leads us to a greater and deeper understanding and relationship with God and others. Altar Serving is a great way to begin to see that beauty more fully.

Any child in 3rd grade or higher is eligible to serve at God’s altar. Parents, if your son or daughter is interested, please email Janet Gardella at [email protected] or call the office at 203-333-9065. A date for the training will be determined.