Bible Study

Dear OL of Assumption Parishioners and Friends,

Welcome to our Second Session of Bible Study Topic: Gospel of John

Time: Wednesdays, from April 17 to May 8, 2024 at 10AM and 6:30PM (4 week session)

Location: Parish Hall

Material: The Bible ( preferably Catholic study Edition), Collegeville Bible Commentary Series, Volume: 4, will be provided, Handouts and Instructional Material provided as well

One could easily assume that as practicing Catholics we should be very familiar with the opening phrases of the Fourth Gospel. The famous Prologue, underlying the Log- os – the Word of God, or famous seven major signs from the first part of the Gospel according to Saint John (called the Book of Signs), or present only in John Gospel the inci- dent of Jesus washing of the Apostles feet, is as good in- centive as any to study the Gospel of John, but what if we were to study and find out about six other Characters named John connected to the Gospel and Johannine Liter- ature? What about the fragment of Gospel of John in which Jesus reveals to us EXPLICITLY of who God really is? Or what about that connection between Jesus’ Mother and our Mother Mary and John that was forged at the feet of the Cross off Jesus? Oh Lord, I could go on and on, not enough space in our bulletin for it, but one and consistent is my hope: Ongoing Formation of a Christian could begin and should continue with small steps of re – discovering all we have learned so far in completely new light of contem- porary discoveries, methodologies, and canon. This is why I invite you to join me Wednesday mornings or evenings as we offer to study together the Gospel of John.

Hope to see many of you! Fr. Mirek